Philo gets Starz and EPIX add-ons to its streaming service

Philo subscribers have another option for content when signing up for service.

The company has added Starz and EPIX to its list of offerings for those looking to watch movies from its service, according to a user on Reddit.

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Andrew McCollum, CEO of Philo, said on Reddit that it is indeed true that the live TV streaming service is adding these movie channels to customers.

“We’re working on something like this,” McCollum said. “The additional channels are generally simply repackaging the On Demand library content into genre-based linear feeds. You get access to the complete On Demand library through Philo, so there actually isn’t a content difference between Philo and other services that offer these channels. We are looking at other (hopefully more innovative) ways we can surface and discover content in the deeper library.” 

He also confirmed that the new Starz and EPIX channels will not have ads on them.

The versions of Starz that are there are Starz, Star Encore and Starz Friends & Family. EPIX has EPIX, EPIX Hits and EPIX 2.

Right now, the company is running a promotion for the new movie channels on its service. Both new and existing customers will have the option to get Starz for just $5 a month and EPIX for $3 a month. Those prices will last for first three months of the person signing up for the service.

Once the promotion ends, Starz will cost an additional $9 a month and EPIX will cost an additional $6 a month.

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Philo costs $20 a month, has 58 channels and what makes it even more interesting is it is one of the most cost-efficient ways to stream Viacom channels, as well as Hallmark networks.

Philo is available to stream on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

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