Apple seeds iOS & iPadOS 13.6 GM to developers

Apple has today released iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6 Beta 4 to registered developers ten days after the release of iOS & iPadOS 13.6 Beta 3 and over a month after the public release of iOS & iPadOS 13.5.1.

The build number for this update is 17G68. The build number signifies that this is a Gold Master copy as it does not have a letter at the end of the build number which identified if the version released was the final version or a beta testing version.

According to the release notes of iOS & iPadOS 13.6 Beta 4, there are no new changes from the previous beta.

This is one of the last updates to iOS & iPadOS 13, bringing in amazing features like Car Key to the iPhone. The first beta of this version of iOS was released on June 1st, but was initially called iOS 13.5.5. The final version of iOS 13.6 and iPadOS 13.6 are expected to be released to the public very soon, most likely on July 14th.

To update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the GM, you must have the iOS & iPadOS 13 Developer Beta Profile set up on your supported device following which you need to go to Settings>General>Software Update and update your device to the latest version of iOS 13.6 or iPadOS 13.6.

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

Vice President of Redfruit Media

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