Dollar General retracts; no plans to bring Apple Pay support to stores

We reported last month that Dollar General had announced on its Twitter account that it had gradually started beginning accepted contactless payment methods at its store, therefore, accepting Apple Pay.

Please excuse the language by @RaeHendrix_ in the tweet.

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According to @Yartctls34 on Twitter, he has received an email from the company after previously inquiring about when it would begin accepting Apple Pay in its stores.

Dollar General customer care specialist Daniel Boyles responded to the email and said the following in the image below.

The email from Dollar General’s customer care specialist Daniel Boyles

When it comes to Apple Card, since Dollar General does not accept Apple Pay, this means users of the credit card will have to use the physical one in  order to pay for items at Dollar General, which means they would also only get 1% in Daily Cash.

At this time, the only national dollar stores that accept Apple Pay in the U.S. are Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

Although the news is disappointing from Dollar General that it is not going forward with Apple Pay acceptance in its stores, there have been plenty of other stores that have started accepting it because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Do you think we’ll ever see Apple Pay acceptance at Dollar General? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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