Opinion: The Apple TV+ Christmas special we should have gotten

It has recently been announced that Mariah Carey will have her own Christmas special on Apple TV+ this holiday season.

Yes, she does have the popular Christmas song “All I Want For Christmas,” which has been heard every season for over the last two decades, as the song is planned to turn 25 years old this year.

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Still, even though Mariah Carey is an iconic singer and has that very familiar song, was there a better option?

Apple prides itself on its Apple Music streaming service and one of the primary purposes of the service is for it to be a place where artists can be revealed to the world through it. Basically, a new or not as well known artist can get their big break through the service.

So who should Apple have gone with instead? Who else has Christmas music and is either new or has a smaller following that could use the attention?

Here is my list:

  • David Archuleta: This former American Idol runner-up singer has not one, but two Christmas albums, and has performed with artists such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Mannheim Steamroller, Orla Fallon and The Piano Guys.

  • Lindsey Stirling: Again, while she does have a good following online, she does have one Christmas album under her belt. Also, since Mariah Carey’s show is supposed to feature dancing, what would be better than seeing Stirling dancing around a stage with her violin? I think Stirling has Carey outmatched on that one.

  • Sleeping at Last: This guy probably does not have as much of a following as Archuleta or Stirling, but does have a Christmas album that has traditional and new Christmas songs on it.

  • Carrie Underwood: Obviously Underwood has quite the spectacular reputation in the music industry, but she does have a new Christmas album coming out this month and since she will likely not be doing any sort of concerts or tours because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this would have been a great idea for Apple and a wonderful opportunity for her to perform her new Christmas album.

Did we miss any? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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