Apple issues iOS 13.7 public release, with support for Exposure Notifications

As we expected, Apple has released the public version of iOS 13.7. This new update allows the users that download it to access the Exposure Notification feature that Apple and Google have built together.

The change compared with other versions of iOS is that users now won’t need to download any other app built by their public health institution. Unfortunately, a lot of public health institutions around the world haven’t been as active as others, meaning that most users around the world won’t have access to this system.

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Hopefully, other countries start getting support for this new and exciting system, that could make COVID-19 cases decrease exponentially and help the infected get medical attention faster, instead of waiting for symptoms to become obvious.

Apple, as well as other tech companies, have shown a persistent commitment to fighting or minimizing the impact that COVID-19 has caused in our world and society.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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