Opinion: Paying for iCloud storage; is it worth it?

iCloud has changed the game when it comes to streaming our music from Apple Music, syncing our notes and messages and giving us one place where all of our documents and files can be found. 

I have personally been paying 99 cents per month for 50GB of storage between all of my Apple devices. The money merely comes out of my Daily Cash money from my Apple Card usage. In a way, I don’t really pay for it.

I’ve even gotten my mom to start paying for iCloud storage via a gift card I gave to her for a holiday last year. She uses Pages on her iPad to write down important information, and then if she needs to, she can export it into a Microsoft Word document. Again, only if necessary.

Believe it or not, whether people recognize it, iCloud is actually what keeps peoples’ Apple devices going. All of your contacts are synced from device to device with it.

It comes in handy when working on a Pages document, saving it in iCloud Drive and then going to work on it on an iPad Pro. There’s little-to-no issues getting the documents to appear and then getting to work right where you left off.

With all of that said, should you necessarily make the “investment” in it.

Honestly, I’m going to say yes but only because it is so cheap.

Right now, the prices of iCloud storage the U.S. are the following:

  • 50GB: 99 cents a month
  • 200GB: $2.99 a month
  • 2TB: $9.99 a month

That’s actually fairly great for a company like Apple that is known to have expensive and luxury company-like prices.

The 2TB plan could be great for those that work with videos a lot but want them in the cloud for a cheap price, as opposed to something like an external hard drive.

What also makes it great is customers can use it on as many devices that have the Apple ID of the iCloud storage purchaser is on. When you have a lot of Apple devices, not having to think about turning something on or singing into something constantly, it just makes life a little less complicated.

Have you ever thought about purchasing extra iCloud storage or already have it and like it? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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