Siri can now send you a personalized daily briefing

On Thursday, Apple released iOS 14.2 to the public, with it came a new feature called “Personal Update.” Personal Update works with Siri on either your iPhone or HomePod to deliver you personalized daily briefings whenever you ask for it. Here’s what you need to know.

Personal Update is a new feature within iOS 14.2 that allows Siri to present you a daily briefing of all the information it believes is important to you. The information it shares depends on what Siri believes is relevant to you at that moment, but it can share calendar updates, weather information, regional news updates, and more.

This feature works on iPhone, HomePod, and the soon-to-release HomePod mini. To activate Personal Update, simply ask Siri: “What’s my update?” She will then read out information it believes is important to you at that moment.

In order for the feature to work on HomePod or HomePod mini, you’ll need your iPhone nearby and connected to the same network as the HomePod for authentication. This means that Personal Update is compatible with multiple users on a single HomePod or HomePod mini.

To check if your HomePod needs an update: Open the Home app, click on the Home icon at the top left, tap on Home Settings, and under “Speakers and TV” tap on Software Update. Once installed, ask Siri: “What’s my update?”

The HomePod mini will be available to pre-order starting tomorrow, November 6th, at 5 a.m. PST. HomePod mini costs $99, and the first pre-orders will begin to arrive for customers on November 16th.

Sid Ramirez
Author: Sid Ramirez

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