ExxonMobil to get Apple Pay support at gas pumps

ExxonMobil gas station pumps are going to be some small, yet important changes soon.

It was recently spotted on Reddit that a poster from the company that said the gas pumps will be getting NFC readers soon, which would enable Apple Pay users to pay at the pump with their iPhone or Apple Watch.

I hope the last part means they are adding NFC readers on the pumps soon! Right now they only have magstrip readers on the pumps. from ContactlessCard

What makes this even more interesting is ExxonMobil is a 3% Daily Cash merchant for Apple Card users. If they use their Apple Card on the iPhone or Apple Watch at the company’s gas stations, whether inside or at the pump, will get 3% in Daily Cash on each purchase they make.

This also comes at a time where the company has added stickers to its pumps about Apple’s new iOS 14 App Clips, which essentially enables users to use the ExxonMobil app without having to download it on the iPhones.

It is unknown exactly when the NFC readers will be coming to ExxonMobile pumps and gas stations, but we can only hope that it is as soon as possible.

Are you excited about ExxonMobil bringing Apple Pay support to its gas pumps? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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