How to access Apple Music Replay 2020

Every year, Spotify users tend to brag about its feature called “Wrapped” which shows the user’s favorite artists, most-played songs and albums.

During this time while the user is bragging, they say that because of the Wrapped feature from Spotify, that it makes it a better music streaming service than Apple Music.

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Contrary to popular opinion, Apple Music does have a version of it that is very similar to Spotify’s, which is called “Apple Music Replay.” In it, subscribers of Apple Music can see their most-listened-to artists, songs and albums from the year.

Here is how you access it:

  • Go to the following link on your iPhone, iPad or Mac:
  • Once there, sign in with your Apple ID by either verifying it with Face ID, Touch ID or type it in manually.
  • The service will then ask if you want to see your Apple Music Replay 2020, which you will want to click the button “Get Started.”
  • From there, Apple Music will compile the artists, songs, and albums you have listened to this year.

It really is that simple and takes less than five steps to do so.

Did you see your Apple Music Replay 2020 results? What were they? Feel free to let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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