What to expect from Apple in 2021

Appleosophy | What to expect from Apple in 2021
What to expect from Apple in 2021

Happy New Year to our readers around the world. As we begin 2021 on a hopeful note, we’ve all set a few expectations for product & services releases from Apple. Read on to find out what we expect from Apple in 2021.

New iPads

Leaks & rumours suggest new iPads will be coming in 2021. These new iPads will consist of a new iPad Pro (with Mini LED display & Apple A14X) and a new iPad (9th Generation iPad) with Apple A13 Bionic. The 9th Generation iPad is also rumoured to have bigger 10.5-inch display. The newer & bigger display is also rumoured to have a laminated touch layer. A new iPad mini is also rumoured to come with a bigger display.

New Macs

Apple unveiled the first Apple Silicon Macs in November last year. It is rumoured that we might see a new redesigned 13-inch MacBook Pro with a bigger 14″ Retina display & Apple Silicon’s M1X or M1Z processor. iMac 21.5-inch is also rumoured to get a bigger 24-inch display along with Apple Silicon. A new 16-inch MacBook Pro alongside a smaller Mac mini is also rumoured to come with new Apple Silicon processors.

Appleosophy | What to expect from Apple in 2021

New iPhones

Even though this is stating the obvious, four new iPhones are expected to come with a 5nm processor, 120Hz LTPO Displays & are rumoured to drop the lightning port. Apple will unveil these iPhones in September of 2021 if no production delays are encountered. Appleosophy will keep readers updated on latest leaks about the same.

New Apple Watch(es)

The Cupertino based tech giant is seemingly focused on releasing a new Apple Watch even if the improvements year-over-year are not significant. Apple Watch Series 6 is a classic example of this. Apple is rumoured to release a new Apple Watch Series 7 with blood glucose monitoring & might refresh the Apple Watch SE to include an Always-On-Display.

New Apple TV

Apple TV has been due a refresh since quite a while now. Apple launched the Apple TV 4K with new Apple TV HD in 2017. We expect to see a more gaming-focused Apple TV with a new remote & potentially an Apple A12X processor.

New AirPods

AirPods generation 3 have been rumoured for a while now & expected to include a redesigned case & the pod itself. The AirPods are expected to be a ‘hybrid’ of sorts and include an in-ear design without silicon tips. These are also expect to have the same H1 chip, about which you can read more here.

Appleosophy | What to expect from Apple in 2021
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New Services

Apple is rumoured to begin new services & bundle them with Apple One in 2021. It has been expanding its services sector since 2019, adding new services every year since. Apple TV+ is also expected to receive new shows & series as user base for Apple TV+ begins to grow.


Apple has been rumoured to launch AirTags for over a year now. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the release had been pushed back. There is no concrete date for release of AirTags but we expect them to be released this year. AirTags are rumoured to work with your iPhone and keep a track of your keys, wallets etc.

What will be killed in 2021

Let’s face it, some products will not be making it past 2021. iPod (7th Generation) might be the last refresh to the iPod line. iPods might not make it past 2021 and be sidelined & silently killed in 2021. Apple will also drop support for specific Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches and iPods in 2021. List of unsupported devices will be available after Apple holds its annual WWDC event in June. iMac Pro, which has not been refreshed since its debut in 2017 is also expected to be discontinued.

As 2021 proceeds we also expect Apple to undergo administrative changes with potentially a new CEO which will succeed Tim Cook. Apple is also under scrutiny by companies like Spotify & Epic Games over their ‘anti-competitive’ behaviour. New developments and policies regarding this is also expected to debut in 2021, alongside a potential solution to the Fortnite ban on iOS. Apple vs Facebook is also expected to settle in 2021 with courts deciding on the privacy features Apple has put in place in iOS 14.

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