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App Review: CARROT Weather 5.0

A couple of weeks ago, CARROT Weather 5.0 was finally released to the public. It was quite the big week for apps because of Tweetbot also getting a big new updates with its sixth version of the app. 

I have been a CARROT Weather user for at least a couple of years now and can say that this new update is quite the change, but in a good way. 

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First of all, let’s talk about the design. 

Previously in CARROT Weather, it only gave you options for one type of screen, which was the main weather screen where it gave you all of your weather data in the app. 

This was great for its time, but with the new update, I now have access to six new types of weather screens. 

At this time, I have been using the new default screen because I like the refreshed look and that it gives me more data this time around, including when the sunset will come (specifically, what time), what the wind speed is going to be like and how much snow/rain I am projected to have that week. 

Another big part of this update is the weather condition icons. Whether its cloudy, sunny, partly cloudy and so forth, every single icon has been redesigned, giving it a new look. 

For someone like me who is not always big on changes like apps that I use everyday, this is a design change I am completely on board with. 

Its iOS 14 widget also got a slight new look with the new weather condition icons, as mentioned earlier, and newer, more vibrant colors. It also helps that the icons are mostly blue, which is my favorite color. 

IMG 8489

I do like that the app has a gray bar on the bottom for features like accessing your weather, other locations, radar and settings. It previously had this small drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the app, which was not always easy to tap on the first or second…or third attempts. Maybe I just have big fingers? 

As always, the app still provides its excellent notifications, such as when no weather alerts are out and when the snow is going to begin soon. I cannot tell you how important that is where I am at (Des Moines, Iowa) where there literally has not been a day in February where it has not snowed. 

CARROT Apple Watch

Even though I do pay $24.99 a year for CARROT Weather, as I am a Tier 3 subscriber, for someone like me who uses the app on almost every device that I have (iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac), it is easily worth the money. 

I literally have no complaints about this app whatsoever. 

With that said, CARROT Weather 5.0, by no surprise at all, gets a 4/4-star rating from me. It goes beyond what a regular weather app would and gives me exactly what I want, with no complications in between. 

Rating: 4/4 stars 

CARROT Weather is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac. 

David Becker

Author: David Becker

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