Target To Launch Mini Apple Stores

American retail giant Target is opening mini Apple Stores in some of its outlets in the U.S.

Target will open small-scaled Apple Stores in four outlets in Florida, and five in Texas, with more coming in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York, and across the whole U.S.

The retail business also said that there will be an “enhanced Apple shopping experience” in 17 stores across the country, with an upgraded section that has improved displays and lighting.

Christina Hennington, executive vice president, and chief growth officer at Target stated in a press release:

“Apple products are popular with Target’s guests, and this new, dedicated shopping experience offers enhanced service and expanded offerings, building on our strength as a go-to destination for electronics.”

Target will also update the Apple product page on their website and Target staff will get “specialized training” from Apple. The retailer also stated that Customers who want to repair their products have to go to an official Apple Store.

Target has been warming their relationship with Apple, mainly due to consumer electronics being very profitable for the corporation, with many Apple products sales in the holidays, which made the business grow 20% more.

Heedo Abu Laban
Author: Heedo Abu Laban

18 years old | News Editor and Writer at Appleosophy | former writer at | a big fan of tech + politics | Twitter: @HeedoAbuLaban

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