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Apple Teases Face ID on Mac in New Patent

Apple is teasing Face ID on Mac products in a new patent filed by the company.

In a new patent filed (number 20200097747) dubbed “light recognition module for determining a user of a computing device”, Apple is strongly considering adding Face ID to the Mac (for MacBooks at least).

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The company says that due to performing technological advances on Macs, like chatting, video editing, web browsing, graphic design, etc, there is a risk of unauthorized access to user data. Face ID would be a solution to the risk.

The filing states:

“This application relates to a laptop computer. The laptop computer includes a base portion pivotally coupled to a lid portion is described. The laptop computer includes a display assembly carried by the lid portion, where the display assembly includes a light-transmissive cover, a display layer overlaid by the light-transmissive cover, a display stack electrically coupled to and overlaid by the display layer, and a light pattern recognition module adjacent to the display stack and overlaid by the display layer. The light pattern recognition module includes (i) a light pattern projector that projects a light pattern directly through the display layer.”

Face ID is a facial recognition system that helps users unlock supported devices, it is available on iPhone X and later, and iPad Pro (2018) and later.

Image By: Apple

It is located in the TrueDepth camera system on supported devices which creates a geometry of the user’s face and store it to unlock the device.

Face ID on Mac has been considered for a while and we’ve heard rumors and speculations on the system arriving on the Mac as a feature, but we might need to wait for Cupertino to implement the system on the product line.

Heedo Abu Laban

Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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