Opinion: Should Apple pick up “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” for Apple TV+?

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Appleosophy | Opinion: Should Apple pick up "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" for Apple TV+?
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Appleosophy is breaking into new content territory today by talking about the TV business, specifically, giving Apple an idea for a potential TV series to pick up.

Last week, NBC’s “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” was canceled after two seasons on the network, which was a surprise to some of the cast and fans, including the show’s creator, Austin Winsberg.

In fact, even the show’s production company, Lionsgate, has been tweeting about the show being brought back too.

The show had built up a fanbase, and when the second season finale came, while it did leave with the idea that two of the main characters could pull a simply “happily ever after” moment, it did open the door for potential storylines down the road for the two.

But why would this show specifically fit Apple TV+?

It’s simple, actually. One of the biggest proponents of the show is music, which we all know Apple is very much involved in with its iTunes and Apple Music services. However, even in the advertising of its products and services, Apple has always had an extra focus on music.

Appleosophy | Opinion: Should Apple pick up

What Apple could do with “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” is make the music from the show (or at least a possible third season and upward) iTunes and Apple Music exclusives, making some people maybe switch over to Apple Music.

Another factor that could go into this is the fact that the show does have good LGBT+ character representation, as well as people of color. Over the years, Apple has made a significant commitment to diversity in its company and bringing a show like this could make that commitment even stronger.

The series typically did perform better on streaming services like Peacock and Hulu when it was released on there the day after it premiered on NBC.

With the way how the country and the entire world’s TV habits are changing, it would make sense to not focus as much on live TV ratings and more so on how the series does on streaming services.

Now, when the show did air on NBC, it was typically given 12-13 episode seasons since it was a mid-season series.

This would be perfect for Apple since streaming services and some TV networks are getting away from the 20-25-episode seasons and aiming more so for 10-15 episode seasons, which does lower costs for networks and streaming services.

Most importantly, it would be great for the episodes to be an hour-long instead of the usual 45-47-minute runtime with ads in them that networks have.

Lastly, the show does spend a lot of its time at a tech company SPRQ (pronounced “Spark”), so it does have the tech aspect to it like Apple’s “Mythic Quest” series on Apple TV+.


As always, it is up to Apple on what type of programming it brings to Apple TV+, but with the type of show it is, the best fit for it could be there. It has the music, tech, characters and a storyline that I could see Apple being very much interested in.

In the meantime, both seasons are available to purchase through iTunes and the Apple TV app for $19.99 each, as well as stream both seasons on Peacock and just the second season on Hulu.

What do you think of the idea of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” being brought back and revived by Apple and Apple TV+? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

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