New Camera App from Creators of Evernote Coming to the Mac

Former Evernote creator Phil Libin, and his new company “Mmhmm” has intentions of developing a standalone version of their video communications service.

After raising $100 million dollars, as reported by Bloomberg, the company aims to bring their video calling experience to more platforms as a separate piece of software.

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Mmhmm is a virtual camera app that links to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco’s Webex. Some of the app’s main features allow users to create text slides, mix pre-recorded messages in a natural way in the middle of live calls and video recording.

Mmhmm is quickly becoming one of the most interesting ventures inside the video technologies business.

The video chat client seems to be evolving in a very specific way, that will offer Mac and Windows users a more versatile option for their virtual camera in video calls.

In this age of Zoom meetings and FaceTime, we have gotten a plethora of updates that have improved the quality and ease of use of these platforms.

And now, Mmhmm seems like a new great alternative that will offer even more features for users to make the most out of their video calls.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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