Apple reports record-breaking Q3 2021 earnings: revenue of $81.4 billion

Apple [AAPL] has announced its financial earnings for the third quarter of 2021 and there are some big results.

The Cupertino-based company has posted a June quarter record revenue of $81.4 billion, a 36% increase from year-over-year, or quarterly earnings per diluted share of $1.30. It also earned $21.74 billion in profit for the quarter.

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This is a big increase from the year-ago quarter, where back then Apple reported revenue of $59.7 billion or $0.65 per diluted share.

“This quarter, our teams built on a period of unmatched innovation by sharing powerful new products with our users, at a time when using technology to connect people everywhere has never been more important,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We’re continuing to press forward in our work to infuse everything we make with the values that define us — by inspiring a new generation of developers to learn to code, moving closer to our 2030 environment goal, and engaging in the urgent work of building a more equitable future.”

The Board of Directors at Apple have declared a cash dividend of $0.22 per share of Apple’s common stock, while the dividend is payable to shareholders of record on August 12, 2021.

Apple does not say a specific number of the products they sell but does show how much revenue it made from each of its product categories. Those numbers can be found below:

  • iPhone: $39.57 billion
  • iPad: $7.37 billion
  • Mac: $8.24 billion
  • Wearables, Home products and accessories: $8.78 billion
  • Services: $17.49 billion

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Heedo Abu Laban
Author: Heedo Abu Laban

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