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New productivity features come to iWork apps

Apple’s set of apps from its iWork suite received major updates today that will enable its users to get even more done at a time.

This includes the iWork apps Pages, Keynote and Numbers, and are available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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For Keynote, Apple has made it so Keynote presentations more memorable and “engaging” with the audience watching them. Live video can be added to presentations and powerpoints, which can make it good for, making it good for those who are in a lecture hall, large conferences and how-to videos.

According to Apple, “Mac users can connect multiple external cameras to further enhance the live video experience, and they can even show the screen of a connected iPhone or iPad right on a slide for live, interactive demos.”

There is a new function in Keynote where a presentation can have multiple presenters that will enable multiple people to click through slides, which is useful for those working from home, whereas the other person could be at the place where the presentation is taking place.

Pages is now adjusted for use on the iPhone, which gives it another device that can make adequate adjustments, edits and changes to a single document. Meanwhile, it can be done all while someone is on the go and perhaps does not have access to a device like an iPad or MacBook.

Here are the latest changes to the app according to Apple:

“With the latest update, Screen View automatically displays text, images, and other elements in a single-column, continuous flow optimized for the iPhone screen. Text is enlarged to improve readability, photos and drawings are sized to fit the display, and tables can be scrolled horizontally. Screen View is available for all word processing documents and doesn’t require any additional setup. When enabled, users still have access to the complete set of editing tools in Pages. And Screen View can be switched off at any time so users can see the page layout for their document before printing or publishing.”

The changes coming to Numbers are new features like simple to use pivot tables.

Apple says these changes are all about getting users more mobility in their work.

“And now with pivot tables, users can quickly summarize, group, and rearrange data to identify and analyze patterns and trends. Creating a pivot table in Numbers is quick and intuitive: Users can easily select the data to include, choose how to group and summarize it, and access other display options from the sidebar. The resulting pivot table appears in a clear layout that makes it easy for the user to read and gain insights. Users can visualize their pivot tables with insightful charts, share pivot data with others while keeping the source data private, and even import or export pivot tables to and from Microsoft Excel. Numbers is the first app to bring full-featured pivot tables to mobile, with the same set of features across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, giving users access to this powerful data analytics tool wherever they work.”

The new Translation features are also all available for free in these updated versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Macs with macOS Monterey.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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