iPhone SE 3 to Feature 5G, Same-Design As iPhone 8; Redesign Delayed to 2024

iPhone SE 3 is reportedly going to feature 5G and the same design as the iPhone 8. This comes after numerous reports regarding a fresh new design for Apple’s most budget iPhone in the lineup.

The original iPhone SE was launched back in March 2016 as the most budget iPhone in the lineup, featuring the design of the iPhone 5s with improved specs.

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Jumping forward to April 2020, Apple refreshed the design and gave the second-generation device the iPhone 8 design with specs like the A13 Bionic chip, a single camera setup with 4K 60fps video shooting, and a starting price of $399. Two years later, a refresh is widely expected.

Now, according to reliable leaker @dylandkt on Twitter, the third-gen phone is now expected to sport the same 4.7″ iPhone 8 design as the 2020 model, in addition to improved specs such as the SoC, camera, etc. With 5G being the major feature of the iPhone:

“For 2022, Apple will instead release an iPhone SE with 5G, a spec bump, and the same design as the 2020 model.”

Dylan’s report matches with previous reports by other reliable sources. Back in October, Macotakara¬†reported that the next iPhone SE will feature the same iPhone 8 design with 5G as the major feature of the device.

Dylan’s tweet is an update to a previous report he tweeted back almost one year ago on January 11, 2021, where he noted that Apple’s next iPhone SE will adopt the iPhone XR/11 design with Touch ID integrated into the power button similar to the latest iPad Air.

“The next-generation iPhone SE will feature a Touch ID sensor that will be embedded into the power button similar to the newest iPad Air. The design of the phone will be similar to the iPhone 11 but with a smaller display size.”

The leaker now notes that this new design refresh is being pushed further and delayed to 2024. This is not really shocking to many, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the chip shortage that has affected every major tech company in the world, not just Apple.

Rumors, speculation, and reports of the next iPhone SE have been a train-wreck, as it has been argued about what features the device will sport, and how it will look like. However, as many reports now match each other, we can see that the next budget iPhone is looking more and more like the 2020 model, just with a minor spec bump.

Heedo Abu Laban
Author: Heedo Abu Laban

17 years old, News Editor and Writer at Appleosophy, former writer at Kernelnow.com, and a big fan of tech. Twitter: @HeedoAbuLaban

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