Report: Apple Secures Deal with NFL Sunday Ticket

As the company is trying to fiercely expand in the sports industry, Apple has secured a rights package deal with NFL Sunday Ticket to broadcast the next season in 2023.

Currently exclusive on DirecTV of AT&T, NFL Sunday Ticket is a sports package that streams regular-season National Football League (NFL) games. Mostly Sunday afternoon productions of Fox and CBS. In late 2022, the deal with DirecTV will expire, rushing many competitors such as Apple, Amazon, and Disney to take AT&T’s place.

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According to the Q&A article by founder Matthew Belloni of Puck News, it looks like Apple has already won the race by securing a deal with NFL to gain broadcasting rights, giving a major boost to Apple TV+, noting that one of the sources stated that the deal is already done, though, not guaranteed:

“My sources say it’s Apple’s to lose, at this point. (One source told me this weekend that the deal is actually done and is being kept quiet at Apple’s request, which I haven’t confirmed and don’t know for a fact; Apple isn’t commenting.) That would make sense: Even after winning top Emmys and the best picture Oscar, C.E.O. Tim Cook has said Apple is merely in its early days of premium video, and nothing is more premium than NFL football. Plus, it would explain Apple’s recent foray into live events and advertising with MLB games. (Note to Apple: Your baseball broadcasters are bush league; no way will the NFL tolerate a C-level crew.)”

It is likely that Apple is the one who will win the race, mainly due to Amazon already featuring Thursday Night Football, and Disney – the owner of ESPN and ABC – houses Monday Night Football. This leaves Apple as the potential dealmaker with NFL.

The former editor of The Hollywood Reporter outlet Matthew Belloni is considered an accurate reporter in the entertainment industry and now Apple. Last month, he correctly reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook will attend the 94th Academy Awards (Oscars).

Now, when will the company introduce this deal? Perhaps during Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC) which will start on June 6 and end on June 10.

During Apple’s Peek Performance Event on March 8th, Apple announced “Friday Night Baseball”, a new way for users to stream MLB games, boosting its sports and general television section.

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