Opinion: Here is the Safari Extension we need on the iPad

Safari Extensions have changed the game for the iPad and iPhone and have made browsing Safari better than ever.

I understand that the Mac is not the same as an iPad or iPhone and that there could be limitations. However, specifically on the iPad, I think there is an app that the iPad needs specifically with Safari Extensions that could make it much better.

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This app is called “Pastebot” by Tapbots. It is an app I have been using since my college days.

 What the app does is it saves everything that you copy and paste while the app is on.

An app and Safari Extension like this would be perfect for the iPad, given its focus on writing, typing and overall productivity.

It would be great for students since it saves everything they would copy when using Safari, the Notes app and other apps on the iPad. The point is that it would make the iPad experience better as a whole and give users more tools to become even more productive.

I personally, just like I did with the Mac version, would buy this app in the App Store if it were to become available there. It’s an app where it works in the background and simply works the way an app like that should.

What are your thoughts on bringing an app like Pastebot to the App Store for the iPad and iPadOS? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.



David Becker
Author: David Becker

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