Opinion: The weekend Apple Pay and the Wallet app saved me

In your average week, I make a good amount of purchases through the Wallet app, whether that is with my debit card or Apple Card from my iPhone or Apple Watch.

What can I say, it is massively convenient and does a great job when it comes to security and encryption. Also, no reliance on a stupid credit/debit card chip.

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Over this past weekend, I sadly lost my wallet. This is one of those things where it is something no person ever wants to do.

While I was off retracing my steps and trying to figure out where my wallet was, the other part of my brain was looking for a way to make sure this does not happen again.

After looking at both the US Bank app for my debit card and the Wallet app for my Apple Card, I saw that both cards did not have any unknown or fraudulent purchases. This was a good sign and I made sure in the US Bank app that I locked my debit card to prevent any purchases on the card while I got everything straightened out.

I kept my Apple Card going even though there could have easily been purchases made on it in the future, but I did not have any cash on me and needed something to get me by for the weekend. If anything, if there was a fraudulent charge to it, I would have better luck disputing it with a credit card provider than a bank.

That same day, I made it over to my nearby Apple Store and bought an AirTag for my next physical wallet. If this is ever going to happen again, the AirTag will give me a better and fighting chance of finding it faster if I lose it again or it is stolen.

My next move shortly thereafter was going to Target to buy a new physical wallet for myself. I ended up buying one there that did not have a dedicated spot for the AirTag, but one that does have a compartment I can put it in for security purposes.

However, the best part came yesterday, Sunday, July 10, where I was not only able to replace the debit card through the US Bank app but my Apple Card too.

To make it even better, I was able to add my new debit card to the Wallet app so I can use the new digital card from my iPhone or Apple Watch while I wait for the new debit card to be sent to me. The same can be said for my Apple Card too.

To celebrate and test it out, I ended up buying my family pizza that evening. It worked perfectly.

Another part of this I was thankful for was I did not have to call one customer service line for either US Bank or Apple Card. It could all be handled through their apps, which as an introvert, I was very pleased about.

Despite all of my work getting all of this sorted out, there was still one more issue that had to be fixed; getting a new driver’s license.

You see, I lost my credit card, debit card, and license, meaning I could not legally drive around my neck of the woods. If I was to get pulled over, the officer would easily give me a citation for not providing a license or not having one with me at all.

So here I went today, Monday morning, to my local DOT to get a new one. I got there almost right as they opened and was able to get serviced and taken care in about a half an hour. Best of all, the Iowa DOT does accept Apple Pay, so I was able to pay for my new license that way too.

With that said, I’m still waiting for the day when Iowa residents will be able to add their licenses to the Wallet app. It will be a dream come true in my book.

Obviously, no one likes to be in these types of situations. In the end, I think I handled it the best way I could and I am thankful and grateful I did not have any money stolen from me. It also taught me when it comes to digital cards, thank God we live in the times we are in right now. Ten years ago, this would have never been a mainstream possibility. 

With everything said, it’s these situations that show one of the many reasons I have been so passionate about Apple Pay and Apple Card, and getting support to as many businesses and merchants as possible. Without it, I would have truly been screwed this weekend.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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