Opinion: How I pay my rent with Apple Pay

During the past year and a half, I have been able to pay for my apartment rent with Apple Pay. It has been this way for me ever since I moved to Des Moines in 2021.

Although I have had quite the Apple Pay obsession throughout the years, nothing makes me happier each month to get to pay for my apartment rent with my favorite payment method of them all.

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But how do I do it?

The simple answer is that I have been able to do it through the RentCafe app in the App Store. My particular apartment complex supports it. It is also the same app where I can put maintenance calls in, as well as see announcements that other residents have put in.

I will say that the app does charge an additional $2-3 onto my rent since I am technically paying for it with a debit card and that the extra money is set to cover the cost of fee that my apartment complex would have to pay for me using said payment method.

This means that each time on the first of the month, I wake up, open the RentCafe app, tap the button to pay my rent, then tap the Apple Pay button, verify with Face ID, and pay my rent. In a matter of seconds, everything is taken care of and I am good for that month.

The good news is there are other apps out there that do let you pay for your rent with Apple Pay.

One of the primary ones is the app Zumper. The app got Apple Pay support for users back in fall 2019.

I have been so thankful and grateful to find and live in a place that does accept Apple Pay, and it is a question where if I have to move in the future, I’ll make sure that any place I rent apartments from does have Apple Pay support.




David Becker
Author: David Becker

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