6 Things You Should Know When Buying a New iPhone

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Appleosophy | 6 Things You Should Know When Buying a New iPhone
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Mobile devices took over the world by storm. Every college student spends hours and hours on the device and scrolls on social media. We can attribute many good and bad sides to phones, but we can agree on one thing– you can’t live without them. Even the latest surveys have shown that the popularity of mobile devices has increased in public at a higher pace than ever in any different corporate sector. Why so? All the fun and exciting things happen online.

Shopping for a new iPhone model is indeed an exciting time. Whether purchasing your first model or just shopping for the latest one, you will feel enthusiastic. There are slight differences between each model, and Apple has made it hard to choose the right one. From different colors, sizes, and memory storage offers, there are many things you need to consider before you take the plunge.

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Before investing in your new smartphone, let’s look at the six things you need to consider.

6 Essential Tips You Need to Know Before Investing in iPhone

Appleosophy | 6 Things You Should Know When Buying a New iPhone

1. Best Time to Buy the Phone

The best time to buy a new device is after Apple releases its new lineup normally in September. Their previous generations are usually discounted by $100 or even more — this applies to other Apple products, not only smart devices. When this happens, retailers typically have to clean up their last units, and they do it by discounting the leftover products. Meanwhile, prices on eBay will drift downwards because they need to follow the trends and stay relevant and updated with the costs.

If you decide to wait, Cyber Monday or Black Friday are excellent options for the purchase since you can get even better deals and discounts. Many people suggest waiting for these particular days since you will save lots of money and get the newest model for a reasonable price.

2. Price

iPhones have always been expensive, and prices are always going up with new releases. You can quickly spend more than $1,000 on one before tax and extra storage purchase. If you are on a budget, you need to set a rule on how much you can spend and take a look at the models you can purchase. 

If you are unhappy with the models available, try saving up more and waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. If you need a device instantly and can’t wait, you can consider the Apple Upgrade Program that will let you pay off your device in 24 months. When you make half of these payments, they even offer you to upgrade to the latest model if you want to.

3. Camera

If the camera plays an important role when choosing an appropriate release, consider investing in the latest flagships. A fantastic camera is often on top of the requirements list. iPhones cameras have developed over the years, and with outstanding quality and capabilities, you will have the best photos. 

4. Size

Next on the list is size. If prices don’t concern you and you are ready to spend more money, invest in the latest releases. Phones with giant screens look a little bit bulky, but on the other hand, if you like them that way, then this should be no problem for you. 

If you want to maneuver your device with one hand easily, consider investing in models that have smaller screens. That may sacrifice an inch or two, but that should not be a problem.

5. Your Storage Need

One of the most important things for every iPhone user is storage. iPhones have never had an option to add storage on a microSD card, so buying a new device was the only way you could upgrade. When you don’t have enough capacity built-in, you won’t be able to have dozens of pictures, videos, and movies. 

If you do have lots of videos and photos, consider investing in models with higher storage capacity. You will know if you need the 128GB or 512GB model. If you are not ready to splurge on those expensive models, leave those memories on your Mac at home and delete them from the phone. These higher storage offers are for creative pros and people with serious content habits.

6. Buying The iPhone

There are two common ways you can choose from when purchasing a smartphone. You can buy it from a third-party reseller or SIM-free from Apple. If you decide to purchase it from a third-party reseller, you will pay upfront, own the phone, and later you will have to pay for a SIM-only contract for data, texts, and minutes. You can even buy the phone on contract.

If you decide this option fits you best, you will start with the upfront payment that can vary from one model to another. That upfront payment is usually followed by 24 monthly payments, after which you will own the phone. These payments will cover texts, data, and minutes.

7. Final Thoughts

Now, when you have read all the tips, take your time and think about what device will best fulfill your requirements. Look at the devices and ask workers in the shop for more pieces of information if needed. 

You will find a model that fits your requirements and needs best. The only problem we can’t help you with is choosing the right color for your new device since the range is enormous and they offer beautiful shades. Good luck choosing your perfect device!


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