CarPlay comes to Panera Bread app

Panera Bread is now driving itself into the future.

In a new update for its app in the App Store, the app is now available for CarPlay users and can be seen on their CarPlay-enabled vehicle as long as the Panera Bread app in on their iPhone.

Customers that have an account with Panera Bread can now place orders right from its new CarPlay app.

This came in update versions 4.69.10 and 4.69.11 that have the following release notes:

“Ordering Panera got even easier! With CarPlay you can now order Panera right from the driver’s seat.

Order your Panera favorites all while you drive to your nearest cafe. Tap the app on your CarPlay Dashboard.”

The app will not enable you to look deep into the menu Panera Bread offers, but you can see your favorites on your account and recently viewed items. From there, you can tap on those and place an order to a local Panera Bread through it, according to Auto Evolution.

What makes this even more interesting is Panera Bread is a 3% Daily Cash merchant for Apple Card.

Apps and features like these are nothing new. Dunkin’ made a similar move last year when it unveiled its CarPlay app that allows users to do activities similar to the Panera Bread CarPlay app.

What are your thoughts on Panera Bread being available on CarPlay now? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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