Eventbrite is now accepting Apple Pay

One piece of good news in the event business now is another ticket merchant is accepting Apple Pay.

Eventbrite is a “global self-service ticketing platform for live experiences that allows anyone to create, share, find and attend events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives.”

It is a competitor to other ticketing services like Ticketmaster too.

We do not exactly know when Eventbrite started accepting Apple Pay on its website, but it looks to be a recent addition to it since Knoji looked into in May 2021 and Eventbrite was not accepting it at that time.

I personally used the Eventbrite for an event that was supposed to be in February 2022 and during that time of using the app, the service was not accepting Apple Pay as a payment method then either.

With all of that said, it does appear as though the service has updated itself with its multiple app updates in the App Store this year so it can accept Apple Pay now.

The other good news from this is the Apple Pay accepatance looks to be available on the Eventbrite app and website as long as the event does its ticketing directly through Eventbrite and not another third party source.

What are your thoughts on Eventbrite now accepting Apple Pay? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.





David Becker
Author: David Becker

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