Opinion: My favorite apps of 2022

Appleosophy|Opinion: My favorite apps of 2022
Appleosophy|Opinion: My favorite apps of 2022
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The New Year is here now, but let’s not forget about the apps that helped get us through 2022.

This article will be a list of apps that I throughly enjoyed throughout this year. However, this is not a list of best-to-worst apps, but just a collection of apps in no particular order.

Here are my favorite apps of 2022:

Tweetbot: As of 2022, I have been using Tweetbot for 10 years. The app has deeply changed the way I see and use Twitter on a daily basis. While the app has certainly had some significant changes over the years, including important stripped features, it is good to know that it still functions the way a Twitter app should, and like nice doing so as well.

Day One Journal: When I purchased my iPad Air fifth generation with the Magic Keyboard case this year, I really wanted to get back in journaling. I had previously been primarily using my MacBook Pro for such a task, but the iPad with its quick synching between it and my iPhone for photos and videos really made it a lot easier to do said journaling. Overall, journaling took a more significant meaning to me this year and I have Day One to thank for that.

CARROT Weather: If you want the best info about your weather, sometimes it is best to pay for it. CARROT Weather is an app I have been using for years, and with the severe weather during the spring, summer, and winter this year, it kept me properly informed on what was going on in my neck of the woods, and did so in a impactful way that kept me informed and safe.

Fantastical: Some may not see the need for a third-party calendar app because Apple’s default calendar is pretty good. With that said, I have still found better luck with Fantastical. Like with Day One Journal, the synching across devices is great and fast. Design-wise, well, let’s just say Apple should be taking notes.

Apollo for Reddit: Honestly, this is the best iOS and iPadOS third-party Reddit app in the App Store. The functionality of it is impeccable and I have yet to run into any major issues with it. I love the feature of being able to have easy access to my favorite subreddits and that they are the first ones that appear when showing all of the subreddits you are subscribed to. After using Apollo, it pretty much makes it impossible to use any other official Reddit app.

What are your thoughts on my list of favorite apps this year? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

Appleosophy|Opinion: My favorite apps of 2022
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|Opinion: My favorite apps of 2022
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