Build an HR application in 2023 – the right approach

Appleosophy|Build an HR application in 2023 – the right approach
Appleosophy|Build an HR application in 2023 – the right approach
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Any HR specialist has to resolve countless work tasks daily, and the lion’s share of them is routine. Whether the company is big or small, these tasks will eat most of your time, if they are manual. The way out is simple – automate it and optimize it with dedicated HR software solutions. 

But what is HR software? There are small dedicated apps designed to resolve some tasks. Also, there are multi-featured platforms. And everything in the middle. The leaders in custom software development, including JatApp, usually have HR management solutions on their lists. These products are in high demand. 

Thus, if you find your HR processes not as effective as you’d expected, it might be the right time to apply cutting-edge software to help them. On the other hand, which exactly software do you need, and how to develop it? Let’s try to answer. 

Design the HRMS application – from the idea to the product 

In fact, it is nothing new – HR departments started using CRM systems to streamline recruitment and improve payroll management long ago. It is about coming to the next level of automation and centralizing the processes with HRMS platforms. 

HRMS software development is popular, and one of its most attractive advantages is the individual approach. Depending on the specific needs of the company, it can be incorporating several HR apps into the daily workflow or creating an all-embracing human resource management system to cover all the staff management jobs from scratch. 

There are ready-made HRMS (human resource management system) applications, which seem the easiest way of integrating the software powers into your HR processes. However, it might not be the most effective way. They might provide you with the basic functionality, but it won’t count all specificities of your business. 

It may require lots of additional effort and money to customize the ready-made system and count all your specificities. Or, you can get the tailor-made solution adjusted to your needs and preferences at once, with continuous maintenance and technical support included. 

A custom HR software program is always one step ahead. But if you decide to get one, you need to consider some more points. 

The necessary features you need in an HR management software 

What functionality will you need in the HR software? Most businesses operate in more or less similar environments when it concerns staff management. You would certainly need the fundamental features: 

  • Recruitment module to create and post vacancies, and manage the candidates’ information. 
  • Time tracking to understand the time expenses for each task and project. 
  • Progress tracking to monitor the employees’ professional progress. 
  • Education management to plan meetups, conferences, and courses for employees. 
  • Payroll management to calculate salaries, and taxes, handle count of paid time off, sick leaves, etc. 
  • Scheduling to organize the work better. 
  • Reporting to collect statistics about every employee’s performance and progress. 
  • Reminder and alerts to notify about changes, scheduled meetings, etc. for mobile and desktop. 

These features are essential, and any decent HR software development company will ensure them in the product. And when you hire such a company to get the custom software for your HR tasks designed, you will also discuss all other functionality and clarify how exactly the basic features should look and work in your system. Here, we come to our primary topic: how would you create an HRMS solution for your company from scratch?  

Design the HR management software – necessary steps 

If you never had a multi-featured HRMS environment or decided to replace the existing one, you should start with the question of why you need a new system. Without that, you might just waste money. 

Discuss the goals 

Hold a meeting with the HR department representatives and discuss the purposes of the solution you want to have designed for your company. You need to understand which tasks it should perform, and how it should improve HR jobs. Here, you should also determine the goals to achieve with the help of the software. 

Consider the usage of the HRMS in the working processes

Analyze the working process and try to predict how the new system will impact it. Note that you should evaluate both the influence of the system on the processes and the interaction and communication between the board and the employees. 

Develop the vision of the software 

After the discussion and meeting with the HR managers (you will definitely need more than one meeting), you should come to some vision of the product you need. At that stage, you should know which options you need, and how the features should look at work. 

Analyze the requirements to plan the budget 

It is essential to evaluate your requirements at once. There will be vital features and additional options that might wait. As the HRIS software prices depend on the required functionality and its complexity, you should know for sure how much you can afford to pay at that stage, and which features that would cover. For example, will you need both desktop and mobile applications at once?

Software development companies can roughly estimate the prices for your requirements and even help you edit the plans to fit within the budget. 

Hire the professional team

The choice of the company is crucial. The good news is, all decent software developers can cope with the job. You can find the information on many dedicated portals, ask for recommendations, check the portfolios on companies, get familiar with the customers’ feedback on similar orders, and so on. When you select the performer, share your vision with them, and let them help you find the most effective solution. 

You have to pay attention to security when considering the performer to equip you with the software human resources management tools. HRM platforms store sensitive information, including financial details. Such systems are wanted targets for hackers. So, you need to be sure that the company will guarantee the highest level of protection for the software, and that it signs and obeys the NDAs. 

HR software is omnipresent in modern businesses. Such a platform that will unite several essential modules, provide the HR managers with powerful tools, and let them optimize the performance, can only bring you benefits. If the overall improvement of the staff-related processes is your goal – the right software support will help you accomplish that goal faster. 

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Appleosophy|Build an HR application in 2023 – the right approach
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