Apple Card Family Promo: Add a co-owner and earn $100 in Daily Cash

Appleosophy | Apple Card Family Promo: Add a co-owner and earn $100 in Daily Cash
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Apple has sent out a new promotional email for Apple Card customers, with its application being towards Apple Card Family.

Right now, Apple Card customers that add a member to their Apple Card Family by Monday, February 6, will receive $100 in Daily Cash after the new co-owner spends $100 with Apple Card in their first 30 days. Please note that this is for new Apple Card Family co-owners-only.

Here is how Apple describes a “co-owner.”

“A Co-Owner can be a spouse, partner, or someone else you trust. The two of you share equal benefits and responsibilities for the account. Adding a Co-Owner allows you to build credit as equals4 and gain access to a combined credit limit. You both can view and manage the account making it easy to track your family spend in one place.”

You can learn more about Apple Card Family here.

What are your thoughts on this new Apple Card promo? Do you plan on taking advantage of it and adding a co-owner? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

The full terms and conditions of this promo can be found below:

“Subject to credit approval. Valid only for new Co-Owners who are added to an Apple Card Family account who directly received this email offer, from January 24, 2023 to February 6, 2023, and the new Co-Owner must spend $100 or more within 30 days of being added to the Apple Card Family account. Co-Owners added before January 24, 2023, and after February 6, 2023, do not qualify. Not valid for existing Apple Card users who merge their Apple Card accounts to become Co-Owners with other existing Apple Card users. For clarity, any spend by Apple Card Family Participants and existingCo-Owners does not qualify toward the $100 threshold. Each Apple Card Family account is eligible to allow maximum one (1) person to redeem offer. Limit one offer per natural person per unique Apple Card account. Daily Cash bonus is earned as Daily Cash and is transferred to your Apple Cash card within 7 days after $100 worth of transactions have posted to your Apple Card account and you’ve made a subsequent transaction. Daily Cash bonus will not reflect in lifetime received Daily Cash. Returns of qualifying items purchased during the offer period to reach minimum spend threshold may result in a Daily Cash adjustment charge to your account. An additional purchase made during the offer period may qualify you for re-fulfillment of the Daily Cash bonus, but re-fulfillment may be delayed. Changes to your account status during the offer period may delay the fulfillment of your Daily Cash bonus. An Apple Cash card is required to use Daily Cash, except if you do not have an Apple Cash card, in which case you can only apply your Daily Cash as a credit on your statement balance. The Apple Cash card is issued by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. See for more information. Daily Cash is earned on purchases after the transaction posts to your account. Actual posting times vary by merchant. Daily Cash is subject to exclusions, and additional details apply. See the Apple Card Customer Agreement for more details. If we determine that you have engaged in or plan to engage in abuse or gaming in connection with this offer, you will not be eligible for this offer.”

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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Kevin Fridman
Kevin Fridman
7 months ago

I had a note about this in my Apple Card app but have not received an email.I’m wondering if I’m eligible or not.

Chris Grainger
7 months ago
Reply to  Kevin Fridman

Usually you can open a support chat to discuss this with an Apple Support member. They’d be able to help you solve this!

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