Our Team

The Appleosophy team is full of highly-skilled members, from a range of countries from around the globe. We strive for diversity and inclusion – as well as ensuring an inviting and harassment-free work environment for all of our employees. We are currently hiring for new members to join our team. You can apply by visiting our jobs page.

Meet the Team

Holden Satterwhite
Cheif Executive Officer

Holden Satterwhite is the CEO and Founder of Appleosophy.

Chris Grainger
Chief Operating Officer

Chris is the Chief Operation Officer at Appleosophy. 

Eddie Vann
Cheif Visionary Officer

Eddie is the Chief Visionary Officer of Appleosophy.

Zameer Jiwani
Chief Technical Officer

Zammer Jiwani is currently on long-term leave.

Zameer is a Appleosophy Web Developer and Head App Developer. 

William Gunnerud
Public Relations Manager & Advisor

William is the ‘Head of PR’ at Appleosophy and a Appleosophy Advisor.

Hayden Shik
Appleosophy Designer

Hayden is a designer for Appleosophy.

Jack Moran
Appleosophy Social-Media Post Designer

Jack is a Appleosophy Designer who helps makes posts for Appleosophy and other graphic related things.

Kain Monty
Head Writer

Kain is an Appleosophy Writer who writes for Appleosophy.com. He is also Head Writer and manages the writing team at Appleosophy.

Aafiq Bukhari

Aafiq is a Appleosophy Writer for Appleosophy.com

Jing Moreno

Jing is an Apple News writer for Appleosophy.com

Brahm Shank
Podcast Host

Brahm is the 2nd host for the podcast Appleosophy Talks.

Will Sharp
Audio Producer

William makes Appleosophy music for YouTube videos and any other time we need music for a production.

Sean Ryan
Creative Advisor

Sean Ryan is a Creative Adviser for Appleosophy.

Mark Paul
Instagram Story Designer

Mark is an Appleosophy Story Designer who helps makes story posts for Appleosophy's Instagram. 

William He
Providing WWDC18 Coverage

William has applied and has received a scholarship for WWDC18 and will be providing pictures and video coverage from the ground. 


Appleosophy is not responsible for the content or individual/corporate views on external sites. All communications to and from employee emails are monitored by Appleosophy.