Is the iPad Pro Really a Laptop Replacement?

Appleosophy|Is the iPad Pro Really a Laptop Replacement?

Apple has stated multiple times that the new 12 and 9.7-inch iPad Pros are designed to be a PC or laptop replacement. Although users can buy a keyboard and Apple Pencil as add-on accessories to make the experience even more laptop-like, in the end, you are still stuck with a tablet.
One thing the iPad Pro is great for are things such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Pages documents, and YouTube/Netflix playback. There are apps in the App Store that are designed for doing tasks in photoshop via an Apple Pencil, but a desktop computer is still better for those kinds of tasks. Essentially, the iPad Pro is the centerpiece for creativity.
Users can download iMovie onto the iPad Pro for editing video with the iPad Pro’s cameras. It should also be noted that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro can also record in 4K, which iMovie for iOS has been updated to handle. Still though, if you’re a content creator, wouldn’t it be easier to have a MacBook Pro and use iMovie on that, or even spend the extra $300 and purchase Final Cut Pro?
Another thing that I have noticed is that it offers not as much to writers and authors. Although writers can use Microsoft Word (must have Office 365 subscription) or Pages, Apple has yet to make a stand alone iBooks Author app, which is available on the Mac.
Now I might be taking the whole laptop replacement to far and overthinking it, but that statement is not entirely true…yet. The iPad Pro is great for basic tasks like internet surfing, video playback, writing, slideshows, and spreadsheets, but I’m still not sold on the whole “laptop replacement” part. Perhaps one day, but not anytime soon.

Appleosophy|Is the iPad Pro Really a Laptop Replacement?
Author: Austin Dean

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Appleosophy|Is the iPad Pro Really a Laptop Replacement?
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