See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 

Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 
Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 

Introduction With Apple’s “See you on the 7th” iPhone 7 event just three days away, we’ve decided to wrap up the all the rumors we’ve heard. We are expected to see minor processor upgrades included in the new iPad Pro and Mac models, but the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 will surely be the star of the show. 

iPhone 7 iPhone 7 is expected to include a plethora of new features. For starters, recent leaks strongly suggest iPhone 7 will now come in 2 new colors called “Dark Black” and “Piano Black”. These two new models are expected to replace the Space Grey color in the iPhone lineup. While both black models will sport the same dark black shade, the Piano Black model will have a glossy aluminum unibody similar to that of the 2013 Mac Pro. Judging by the photos below, which come from the Instagram account of claimed Apple employee Fabien Wanner, the iPhone 7 Plus appears to be sporting a shiny polished bezel around the camera on the white model.

Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 

Wanner has provided leaks of Apple’s products for about a two years now and they always turn out to be the real thing. However, he sometimes posts prototypes to generate hype months before a big event. With only a few days to go, could this be the iPhone 7 Plus? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

iPhone 7 is expected to pack new hardware including dual cameras on the Plus model, all-new intel-designed LTE antennas, iPX7  water resistance, a True Tone display, and Apple’s A10 chip. Dual cameras will bring a whole new dimension to photos shot on iPhone allowing for wider photo capture angles, true optical zoom, and photos that are crisper than ever before. A new proximity sensor in iPhone 7 will utilize laser focus technology allowing users to choose the focus points on a photo after taking it. In addition, the iPhone 7 is also rumored to include four LED flash bulbs for brighter photos in low light. Intel-designed LTE antennas are expected to offer LTE wireless download and upload speeds over cellular connectivity that are up to twice as fast as the current iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 is also expected to have an iPX7 water resistance rating which will put it on par with the Apple Watch in terms of waterproofing. This means that although it may not be a good idea to go swimming with the new iPhone, a little tweeting from the shower shouldn’t hurt it one bit. While the screen resolution on the new iPhone 7 is not expected to change, it will be similar to the True Tone display featured on the existing  9.7 in. iPad Pro. This means the display on iPhone 7 will have a wider cinema-quality color gamut and have the ability to adjust brightnes & color saturation based on ambient light conditions. Apple’s 2.45 Ghz  A10 chip is expected to include 3 GB of RAM on the Plus model, 2 GB of RAM on the regular iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 will also ditch the headphone jack allowing for a bigger battery and stereo speakers. Another rumor circulating the tech-verse suggests that iPhone 7 may also ditch the home button in favor of a software version that offers haptic feedback. Confirmed by AT&T shipping date statements circulating the Internet, iPhone 7 will be available for purchase on Sep. 23rd in 32, 128, and 256 GB storage configurations.

Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 

Apple Watch 
Apple Watch is likely expected to see a minor upgrade at Apple’s September 7th event. Its design is expected to stay the same while its hardware will be revamped with a faster S2 processors, a GPS chip, and a larger battery. This means that Apple’s existing Apple Watch bands will be compatible with the new Apple Watch. Will it be called Apple Watch 2? We don’t think so considering Apple has already begun rebranding the existing Apple Watch as “Apple Watch 2016” on some online store websites ahead of this week’s event. Do you think these minor upgrades are enough for you to upgrade? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.
Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 


iPhone 7 is expected to come with Apple’s all-new wireless EarPods dubbed “AirPods”. Similar to Apple’s existing EarPods, these new earphones will be completely wireless buds that can be charged via a lightning cable . Several leaked photos of iPhone 7 packaging suggest the inclusion of  AirPods. Another Fun Fact: If you type in “airpods” all in one word on any iOS device, it will be autocorrected to “AirPods”. Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 

Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 
Author: Brahm Shank

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Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 
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Appleosophy|See You On The 7th: Rumor Wrap Up 
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