The True Reason We Do What We Do

Appleosophy|The True Reason We Do What We Do

Today is the day of the iPhone 7 Apple Event. With that comes many things, including the opportunity to see new products from our favorite company and be a part of a time where technology is literally changing the way we live our lives on a daily basis. The question some may ask us as we wear Apple apparel and devices (Apple Store shirts, Apple Watch, Steve Jobs shirts, etc) is, “why would you get excited over a company that will just release a better product next year, or even get excited a company releasing a new smartphone?”You see, for us, these events are a hallmark of what we believe in. It is one of the few times where it is okay to wear an Apple Store shirt. It is also one of the few times where we get to see what the next chapter in the book of Apple is. Think of it as when the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who is about to open his new TARDIS doors for the first time (which would reveal the new console and interior) and says, “Alright, what have you got for me this time?” In regards to the September event, which is primarily about the iPhone and Apple Watch, you see that brand new iPhone and once again quote the 11th Doctor by saying, “Oh, you sexy thing!”

This is not like the NFL, where your favorite team is playing every Sunday for the next 16 weeks (excluding bye-week, post-season, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl), but these Apple events only come once a quarter (3-4 events a year), so when the time does come for a new event, we as the Apple fans and customers get very excited.

By the time the event is in the final hour of starting, we already know what is probably going to be released because we have been stalking Apple news and rumor sites ever since the end of WWDC in June. And the weird part is that despite the fact that we already know what is going to be released, the events are still highly entertaining to watch because there are moments (very few today) where Apple can still surprise us with a new piece of hardware or software.

Best of all, when you’re watching the event take place, there is no shame in cheering and clapping because everyone at the event and on Twitter is cheering as well. You will not find that kind of fandom or dedication at any other company-branded event.

Apple fans and users might be biased by saying that Apple products are the best of any kind of out there, but the culture of company is what keeps it alive and strong. We don’t mind paying a higher price for our products because we know that Apple has done everything in their power to make sure that the product has a fantastic design and that it works the way it should, little-to-no hiccups.

We hope that Apple’s event today is just as explosive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s batteries!

Appleosophy|The True Reason We Do What We Do
Author: David Becker

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Appleosophy|The True Reason We Do What We Do
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