A JetBlack Macbook?


Appleosophy | A JetBlack Macbook?Apple has made it official for the event on 27th of October which predicts for the new upcoming lines of MacBooks, Its been more than 520 days for the MacBook Pro and 591 days since the last MacBook Air and no new Mac Mini for the last 2 years.

We got the new black and jet black colours for the iPhone 7 so will it be for MacBooks any time sooner?

Its highly unlikely to get a JetBlack MacBook but its possible to get a black or matte black MacBook.

Remember the days when the black MacBook was on sale from 2006-2008? It was made of plastic and wasn’t really a solid built or light in weight.

Years later, I’m a different person and Apple’s in a different place.

Its time for Apple’s MacBooks to go black.

By Eshvinder Chhabra 

Author: eshvinder

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