Feature Request: Seasonal Apple TV Screensavers

The newest version of the Apple TV comes with these cool built-in screensavers from tvOS. Although we can all admit that the screensavers are beautiful and something different from the competition, here is a simple way how to make them even better; seasonal screensavers.

Right now, Apple calls their current set of screensavers “Aerial,” but would it not be a bad idea to send out some drones over the next few months to capture leaves falling from the trees or snow falling. One the things that people like how about the screensavers is that how clear they are how much they capture, especially the skylines.

Most Apple TV users use their Apple TV in a living room or have it plugged into their most used television, so why not have seasonal wallpapers to glorify the seasons of the year? This would be great if a family is putting Christmas decorations and seeing a skyline of falling snow while listening to their Christmas carols. Another example of this could be a lazy Sunday where the user is just listening to music on the Apple TV and seeing leaves falling in the screensaver.

We don’t know an official way of how it would work, but my theory is that it could go based on your Apple ID since it does know precisely where you live. Another way would be that since Siri on the Apple TV knows where you’re from, therefore can pick up what weather is in your area.

Apple is being known for the company that picks up on attention to detail, and this feature really could change the way people experience the Apple TV.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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