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A few weeks ago in Apple’s tvOS 10.1 app, the company released a new app called “TV.” This app is supposed to be a lot like Netflix’s “Continue Watching” feature, but with iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu integrated all into it. Sounds pretty great, right?

The app has been out for a few weeks now and could use a lot of improvements. For starters, there is essentially no Netflix integration, which is a huge deal since there are 75 million Netflix users out there (they have more users than the population of Canada!). Needless to say that a lot of people are impacted by this. Although I will point out that you can have the “TV” app open the Netflix app for you, depending on what TV show or movie you are wanting to watch.

However, the app does well in integrating apps like ABC and The CW and also does a good job with integrating Hulu, as well. HBO, Starz, and Showtime are also included in this app.

Video playback is just like it was on the Video app, just a different name is all.

Overall, I am still not very impressed with this app. It just does not offer a lot and I believe that Apple did over-advertise it. But in the end, it just does not offer a lot for most users, and with no Netflix support (yet), I’m giving it 2/4 stars. It gets half credit for having some sort of content available, but overall, it could be a lot better.


David Becker
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