Apple’s Spaceship Campus to Open in April 2017

Back in 2011, Steve Jobs unveiled plans for a new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. That is where the current Apple campus is at. The new HQ would be run on 100 percent clean energy via solar panels on top of the building. 

Apple announced this morning that Apple Campus 2 will be opening to employees in April this year. It was also announced this morning that it would be called “Apple Park.”

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Another feature about the new headquarters is that the theater will be named after Steve Jobs, the company’s beloved co-founder who died in 2011 shortly after initially unveiling the plans to the City of Cupertino.


Steve Jobs Theater 

Apple Park will be the most ventilated buildings in the world since it does not require much heating or air conditioning for nine months of the year.

Along with the technological and environmental upgrades, the new campus will have an Apple Store and cafe for employees and customers, a fitness center for employees, and an Apple orchard.

According to Apple’s website, it is expected for the move-in process to take over six months because the company is moving 12,000 employees. Construction of the new headquarters is expected to go into the summer as well.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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