Opinion: Could YouTube TV Be The Best Live TV Streaming Service For Sports Fans?

Today, Google officially released YouTube TV to the public. The new live TV streaming service was released in five different markets, but the service is still not available to all consumers just yet. But with a number of channels that the service has, for the price, it could be the best service for sports fans. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.36.28 PM
Full YouTube TV channel selection

The new streaming service offers sports networks such as ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPNEWS, SEC Network, FS1, FS2, FSN, Big Ten Network (BTN), NBC Sports Network, Comcast Sports Network (CSN), NBC Golf Channel, and CBS Sports Network (exclusive). It also offers USA Network, which has been known to broadcast the WWE and NASCAR races.


Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 7.47.07 PM
NASCAR race on USA Network in 2016

PlayStation Vue does have nearly the same channels as YouTube TV for the same price (Core Slim plan), and also includes NFL Network and MLB Network. However, YouTube TV is the first streaming service to offer CBS Sports Network and has unlimited DVR capabilities.


Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.12.17 PM
CBS Sports Network on YouTube TV. Image via CNET


Right now, PlayStation Vue is still winning between the two streaming services, but you know that Google and YouTube are going to do everything they can to make sure their service is the best for the price. For starters, I hope that means that YouTube TV expands.

If you’re a sports fan, these services are showing that they are doing everything in their power to get you to watch their service. And with the summer right around the corner, this is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out and if this does become a threat to the traditional cable/satellite TV industry.



David Becker
Author: David Becker

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