TwelveSouth Announces The AirFLy Adapter

A popular accessories store called TwelveSouth recently announced the AirFLy Adapter for Apple AirPodsallowing you to use you’re AirPods with any wired headphone jack. 

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The AirFly adapter allows you to connect any wireless headphones to any headphone jack, it holds an 8 hour charge and includes a USB charging cable as well as a travel pouch. The adapter can connect to any wireless audio device as long as it has Bluetooth connectivity. 


For AirPods, the pairing process is fairly simple, since the AirPod’s pair automatically with compatible devices, Twelve South Taylored the AirFly adapter to work seamlessly with Apple AirPods. All you have to do to pair is press the pairing button on your AirFly adapter and then the pairing button on your AirPods, and wait for the magic to happen!  


Once they’re paired, AirFly allows you to use your AirPods as though they were still wired, wirelessly! 


AirFly is currently available for Pre-Order but will be availble very soon as orders begin shipping on May 21st! 


**DISCLAIMER: This is not an ad and should not be considered as one** 

Eddie Vann
Author: Eddie Vann

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