Apple Shares New ‘The Archives’ Ad Focusing on Memories Feature in Photos App

Apple today has continued it’s line of  iPhone 7 advertisements. They have also introduce a new spot called “The Archives,” which focuses on the Memories feature in the Photo’s app.

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Apple today has launched another iPhone 7 photography video. This video focuses on how to use the Memories feature. Apple has been making photography videos since May.

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Holden Satterwhite is the CEO and Founder of Redfruit Media. Starting with Appleosophy in 2015, an Instagram page started with Chris Grainger who is currently Redfruit Media’s Chief Operating Officer when they were both 12. Mr. Satterwhite is in charge of all mainstream global operations for Redfruit Media He also coordinates with other Executives to formulate new projects and departments to keep the ball rolling on internal and external growth for the company.

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