The IRS has officially put out a statement; telling people to not buy iTunes Vouchers to pay their taxes to the government. They also gave this statement last year and the year before; following people complaining to the IRS about being offered to pay in iTunes Vouchers for their tax returns. The scammers would impersonate the role of a Treasurer or IRS employee to persuade gullible individuals to send them iTunes vouchers. The reason these vouchers are used is because of their anonymity and how it can’t be tracked with ease.

Apple is also not responsible for these scams and doesn’t typically refund or reimburse.

Official Statement:

“As a reminder, any call requesting that taxpayers place funds on an iTunes Gift Card or other gift cards to pay taxes and fees is an indicator of fraudulent activity! No legitimate United States Treasury or IRS official will demand that payments via; Western Union, MoneyGram, bank wire transfers, or bank deposits be made into another person’s account for any debt; to the IRS or Treasury.”

The Treasury Department reported more than 10,000 victims have fallen prey to tax phone scammers already; paying out over $54 million just since 2013. This number is ever growing despite the alert being out for three years consecutively.