California joins 17 other states over ‘Right to Repair’ Against Apple

During September/October/December of 2017; growing concerns were raised over Apple throttling their phones in order to preserve the battery of the device. An uncontrolled debate unfolded, disputing this claim and it was later proven by various tests done by dozens of people. One company even tried to sue Apple over this issue and others also attempted to try to get compensated for this ‘error’ [in a consumers’ eyes]. In late 2017 a bill was proposed to the Federal Government of; Illinois, Tennessee, New York, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, Wyoming and Massachusetts. The bill describes how buyers of electronic devices should have a right to replace their own batteries of the devices; also accompanied with additional instructions on how to perform such repair.

Apple’s Action

Apple has taken action to calm their audience; by lowering their battery repairs to just $20 for any eligible device below an iPhone 7.  In addition to this, they issued a statement, claiming that they had

“no intension to make users migrate to a newer phone” [and] “only wanted to preserve the battery of the device for usability”.

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What’s going on?

More states have since taken up this bill, now including California. Congressmen are also trying to fight back for the people against the tech giants such as Apple [mainly], but also John Deere and other closed or compact electronic makers. 17 states in total [as of 03/08/18] support this bill and are hoping to go against tech giants in the coming weeks and months. Make sure to stay posted on this topic; as it could be your state next joining to help free users to update the components on their devices.

Chris Grainger
Author: Chris Grainger

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