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  The much anticipated release of Fortnite on iOS is here! While you can’t yet view it on the App Store, the parent company Epic Games; has started to send out closed beta invite codes to selected individuals that signed up first.

Fortnite Frenzy

On Monday, the signup site on Fortnite’s page made the site crash due to such a vast amount of people wanting to get in line for this game. The game is also on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS and soon to be Android; making the app a truly universal game. Cross platform multiplayer has also been in the works, allowing PC and Xbox users to join their mobile buddies to assist them in one of the 3 original game modes. Appleosophy | Fortnite Released for iOS

A brief history

Fortnite rose to fame for being a free-to-play, open world shooter game that was cross platform and thrilling to play as you and 99 other players fight to the death across a spanning map with varied terrain and a plethora of loot and items of mass destruction. Despite the game being on iOS, it is only playable on an iPhone 6S or iPhone SE equivalent and will take up a mighty 2GB of space on your phone. You must also meet the standards of running iOS 11. The trailer released earlier this week shows the gameplay from the iPhone X’s point of view and how the graphics have only been minorly tweaked; otherwise everything is exactly the same.

Watch: Fortnite Gameplay on iPhone X

To sign up to this app beta, if you haven’t already, is on Fortnite’s official website. Scammers are trying to take advantage of this release claiming to have codes for the app that are seemingly non-existent. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Snapchat to stay updated with all the latest news for Apple as well as following our website!  
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