Review: SuprJETech 9.7-Inch iPad Case

With the purchase of my new iPad 5th Generation, I was looking for a new case for it. I usually get an OtterBox Defender case for it, but due to the fact that I am a college student and that it has a starting price of $89.99 (at the time of the purchase) through most stores and retailers, it was not an option for me this time around.After going through the internet, viewing multiple websites, I finally found this one, the SuprJETech case for the 9.7-inch iPad 5th Generation. This case was available from Target for only $6.99 and I got to pay for it with Apple Pay since it was an online purchase.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 8.45.22 PM

As for the case itself, it is essentially like the old iPad Smart Case that Apple used to make (not the Smart Cover) but without the Apple logo or branding to it, making it a lot cheaper than Apple’s version of it.

The case even has the feature where whenever you open it, the screen turns on and when you close the front flap, the iPad goes to sleep. The sound it makes is even more satisfying. These are features that the old Apple iPad Smart Cases used to have too.

Durability wise, it does the job. It’s not the kind of case that is going to protect your iPad from a 20-30ft fall, but it will protect it if it falls off something like a nightstand. I have not dropped it once, but I did put it in my laptop bag with my MacBook Pro and a few other items and it did not crack the display or damage the iPad at all.

When looking at its design, I like how the volume buttons on the side are perfectly accessible. The same can be said for the Lightning port and speakers. More importantly, it looks more expensive than what it really is.

The only thing that I do not like about this case is that you can only access it from one side. This means that every time I have it in its Kickstand Mode, I can only use the left side to unlock it. This gets annoying since I am a right-handed person and prefer to use Touch ID with said right hand.

This case feels nice in the hand. To be honest, it kind of feels like I have a big book in my hands when carrying it from class-to-class or using it in general. But me being the big reader I am, I have no complaints about this whatsoever.

Overall, the SuprJETech 9.7-inch iPad case gets 3.5/4 stars from me. Sure, it’s not the perfect case out there but for only $6.99, you cannot complain too much. It’s great for the average consumer who is just looking for something cheap but will adequately protect their new iPad, as well as being affordable for students. The case is still available through Target’s website for the same price.

Rating: 3.5/4 stars

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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