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Is the iPhone SE still worth purchasing in 2018?

The iPhone SE was released by Apple in 2016 as their version of a budget smartphone with some of the latest specs. As Apple calls it in their motto for the iPhone SE, the phone is ‘A big step for small’.


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Lots of people wanted a smaller phone that was also powerful and Apple’s response to that was the release of the iPhone SE.

To begin with, the iPhone SE featured the 5S’ much liked design and also inherited the size and structure of the 5S.

The iPhone SE features a good-looking 4” Retina display. The specs are pretty impressive too considering the phone is only £349. Speaking of specs, the SE rocks the A9 chip. This is the same processor that is also in the iPhone 6S. The SE also has a 12MP iSight camera. This sensor even in 2018 takes quite nice pictures. Paired with the super efficient M9 motion co-processor which is handy and quite helpful when it comes to gaming on the iPhone SE.



The good-looking 4” display in the small form factor is well structured as it is a compact phone with everything looking amazing and vibrant, just like how all Apple products look.


Beefy Specs

The use of the A9 processor and the M9 motion co-processor means you will have an enjoyable experience when using the SE. This also mean a pleasant experience while gaming. The powerful specs in a small phone like the SE will allow it to perform better than the 6S which sports the same specs. It is said that the SE is 2x faster when it comes to CPU speed when compared to the 5S. And 3x faster when it comes to GPU performance when compared to the 5S. All of these performance boosts are thanks to the powerful components inside of the iPhone SE.



For a phone released in 2016, the camera is still pretty good. It takes nice shots and high quality videos. The iPhone SE has a 12MP camera. What is remarkable is the capability of shooting 1080p at 60fps and 4K at 30fps.


Other Features

The iPhone SE also boasts other amazing, useful features. For example, Live Photos, Touch ID and Apple Pay. Live Photos is a feature which essentially takes a ‘live photo’ by recording a few seconds before and after taking the picture. When replaying it, it is similar to a GIF. Touch ID is quite useful as it can be used to unlock your iPhone. It also adds an extra useful layer of security. Touch ID can also be used to pay for products you purchase using Apple Pay. This can be done by simply resting your finger on the Finger Print sensor when paying for the product.


So is the iPhone SE worth it in 2018?

In my opinion, yes. It features the specs you need and is still quite a powerful phone despite being nearly 2 years old. It supports the latest iOS 11 and runs quite smoothly. This great phone costs £349 if you are to purchase it from Apple directly. You could however get it for a cheaper price from elsewhere.

Here is the link to purchase the iPhone SE from Apple:


For people that love the 5S but want a faster, new phone for a relatively cheap price, my strongest recommendation would be to purchase the iPhone SE!


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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