Ultrasonic Under-Screen Fingerprint Scanner for Apple Devices

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There have recently been rumors that state a new Touch ID sensor may be coming to Apple iPhones in 2018.

There were similar rumors around the time of the iPhone X release and WWDC17, but fans of Touch ID were disappointed by the fact that Face ID, a more expensive and slightly more exploitable option to secure your phone, replaced their favourite security feature.

Considering the convenience of having both Touch ID and Face ID as options to unlock your phone, it would be reasonable for Apple to include both in a single iPhone sometime soon.

Apple Fans and Tech News pages have recently brought to light a rumor which could be the solution to losing Touch ID, like last year, the fact that Apple is releasing a new iPhone with different features to the last is no different, but this year some features are expected to be old.

Rumors say that this year’s iPhone will include an Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner positioned underneath the screen to be used as an alternative to Face ID.

The scanner would use ultrasound to map and recognise minuscule details from your fingerprint and use them to recognise the user. While it may be a different scanner, this version of Touch ID would be more secure, more accurate, and almost definitely more expensive.

While the two versions of Touch ID use different techniques to save and identify your fingerprint, we can only assume the data would be stored using the same security protocols.

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