App Developers form a ‘Developer Union’ to Push Free Trials and in the hope of Better Revenue Split on App Store

In the past few years and especially with iOS 11, Apple have focused on modernizing the App Store. Recently, app developers decided to form a ‘Developer Union’ to push free trials and in the hope of better revenue split on App Store. With iOS 11, Apple decided to revamp the app store with a new design and a refined structure. Apple also released a refined subscription model for developers who decide to use that method.

What Changes Could be Made?

These changes are the first significant changes that Apple have made since the App Store opened up in 2008. These significant changes that have made it easier for users to navigate through the App Store. However, despite all this, developers still want more changes in the App Store in the long-term. WIRED reported that a group of people wrote an open letter to Apple asking them to make more changes to the App Store. These changes would help full time developers sustain and fulfill their livelihood as developers.

The group that reached out to Apple isn’t official. However, the group is going to reach 20,000 members by the beginning of June which is astonishing.

One of the biggest changes wanted is to have free app trials. This is something Android implemented years ago. This would also allow developers to offer fully features version of their apps before actually purchasing the app.


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(Featured image was used on 9To5Mac)

Holden Satterwhite
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