Apple releases third Public Beta for iOS 12 & tvOS 12

Holden Satterwhite
Appleosophy | Apple releases third Public Beta for iOS 12 & tvOS 12
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Apple today released the third pubic beta of iOS 12 and tvOS 12. The new beta follows iOS 12 Developer Beta 4 which was released yesterday. iOS 12 Public Beta 3 includes more Activity app stickers in Messages, more Memoji customization, and more. However, as we continue to test, we can expect Apple to continue tweaking and adding different things throughout the software. 

What’s new in iOS 12 Public Beta 3?

  • Setting a wallpaper from a photo is fixed in this beta
  • New passcode required when attaching USB accessories
  • Even more animated activity stickers in Messages
  • New “more info” icon in Wallet going from “I” to “”
  • Scrolling seems quicker
  • Cellular usage is now ranked by usage instead of alphabetical order
  • Workout icons in activity app have been updated
  • Bouncier Control Center
  • MeMoji has more options for lips and earrings are now shinier
  • Individual App pages for Screen Time
  • Welcome pages after update, including Control Center explainer on iPad

Previous Betas:

Beta 2:

New user interface for the Voice Memos app on iPad.

You can now share one or more photos/videos using an expiring link, via the Share Sheet, the link will remain active for 30 days.

Updated Assign to Contacts glyph.

More details maps for certain locations.

Smaller Notification action buttons.

Clear Notifications with one single swipe from right to left.

New Clear All Notifications animation and Clear All Notifications also now works on iPad.

Updated blur effect in Control Center.

Low Power Mode is now shown in battery statistics graph.

Measure App has updated simplified Settings.

New Screen Time splash screen, providing a more in-depth run-down.

Reset Identifier is now available in Apple News and Stocks settings.

Share My Location is now available in iCloud Settings.

New Activity iMessage app stickers.

Beta 1:

New splash screens for Voice Memos and Screen Time, which also includes a Down Time walkthrough.

New arrow in Siri Shortcuts to indicate that the link redirects to another location.

Updated location icon for the status bar. Time Travel has been removed from Watch app and relocated to the Clocks app.

iPhone only apps now use iPhone 6 size instead of iPhone 4 size. Podcasts chapters now include Now Playing indicator.

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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