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Hobby Lobby now accepting Apple Pay on its app and website

A store in the United States that has held out against accepting Apple Pay is slowly incorporating it into its business.

Hobby Lobby is now accepting Apple Pay on its app and website. This means that you can use the app or website, put items in your shopping cart and then be able to get to the online checkout and pay with Apple Pay.

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The company has yet to get Apple Pay support in its stores, but adding to its app and website is certainly a good start. In fact, it could be better to have it on its app and website since internet payment security is such a big deal right now, and that we all know how secure Apple Pay is.

In addition to accepting Apple Pay, this means that it accepts Apple Card through its app and website as well. When making purchases with Apple Card, customers will be able to get two percent back in Daily Cash when making purchases through Hobby’s Lobby’s app and website.

Hobby Lobby’s app is free in the App Store, and available to be used on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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