“iPhone jailbreaking is dead” said by jailbreaking pioneers

Jailbreaking pioneers says “cydia is dead”

Its really a bad news to hear. It’s been months since the 10 years jailbreak. And according to the guys that originally made jailbreaking a huge craze, you shouldn’t get your hopes up about jailbreaking your iPhone ever again. Apple is really trying to get down hacker to find there vulnerability on iOS.

Why they can’t bring it agian:

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1) Apple’s increased security made jailbreaking harder.
2) If a hacker finds a vulnerability, he or she can make up to $1 million by selling it.
3) Most of the best jailbreakers moved on to high-paying security jobs.
4) If you can jailbreak an iPhone, you’re exposing it to security vulnerabilities.

When the iPhone came out 10 years ago, it didn’t have third-party apps. It didn’t even have a game. But thanks to jailbreakers like Allegra, Freeman (aka Saurik) and the iPhone Dev Team (a group not affiliated with Apple), the capable smartphone got pushed to the limits as jailbreakers installed third-party apps and tweaks without Cupertino’s permission.

During the prime of Apple’s cat-and-mouse game with developers, new jailbreaks got released within months of each other. Now the iPhone’s security has become so locked down, it takes several valuable exploits to pull off a complete jailbreak — and there’s little payoff for users.

“That turns into, like, a death spiral, where when you get fewer people bothering to jailbreak you get fewer developers targeting interesting things, which means there’s less reasons for people to jailbreak,” Freeman says. “Which means there’s fewer people jailbreaking, which causes there to be less developers bothering to target it. And then you slowly die.”

Hopefully we can get it back as soon as possible comment down below for what you think about this news.

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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