CVS Now Officially Accepting Apple Pay in Their Stores


It was reported less than two weeks ago that CVS Pharmacy would begin to start accepting Apple Pay in their stores again. Well, that reality appears to have come true as of today. 

According to some Twitter users online, there have been multiple reports that CVS has not implemented Apple Pay in their retail stores and that all of their stores should have Apple Pay in them by September 1, 2018.

Note that Apple Pay will not work at the CVS Pharmacy locations in Target stores due to the fact that Target does not accept Apple Pay in their stores, but only in their iOS app.

According to Twitter user @Yartctls34, this is one of the images that he has found of consumers using Apple Pay and CVS today.

Appleosophy | CVS Now Officially Accepting Apple Pay in Their Stores

As you can see in the photo, the CVS stores have a square-like shaped adapter that is plugged into the card reader that will allow Apple Pay users to use it in their stores. Also, if you can read the screen, there is a red bar that says “Please Insert, Slide or Tap card,” with the “Tap” meaning Apple Pay.

Apple Pay can currently be used on any iPhone from the iPhone 6 and newer, and all versions of the Apple Watch.

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